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Proffesional fishing guide in France


This scenic region enters the heart of every visitor that comes to visit it. The always present sun, orchestra of cicadas and huge fields of beautifuly coloured lavanders makes you feel being in a fairy tail land. If you add the fact that it is a home world reputated gastronomy and the best wines in the world you are being ensured that there is no other region like this in Europe. It is one of the driest region of Europe with the highest number of sunny days per year. That is thanks to strog winds coming from the sea. These winds keep the sky clear from the clouds. River Rhone and majority of its affluents spring in Alp mounatins, that are rich in snow and ice, so even during the hot summer periods there is enough water in this river so the anglers can fish whole year round. By locals this region is called "The garden of France" . After tourism the agriculture is the main economic industry. Apples, peaches, grapes, tomatos, cherries, figues and many others are the basic products of local farmers. All these fruits and vegetables are mainly used for domestic purposes. During the season you can find these farmers on many local markets, around the roads or you can simply visit their farm and collect your fruits on your own. There is practily zero heavy industry in this region, thats why is the quality of these products is so high. Combination of this pleasant weather and high quality nourishment leads to highest average age of its residents according to the rest of Europe.

Provence is not attractive only for anglers. Numbers of gastronomy, history, nature or sport enthusiasts come here every year to find what they are looking for. With more than 87 millions of tourists coming every year to visit France makes this country most visited land in the world. Thats why the number of services provided to these tourists are so diverse. The Palace of the Popes or Avignon´s bridge are the most visited historical sites of this city, which rests as the only one in Europe that has the city center completly surrounded by defence walls. If you visit Avignon in the middle of the summer you will witness one of the biggest cultural festivals in the world. Hundreds of street artist, theaters or mobile cinemas provide countless numbers of events for 4 weeks. Other well known tourist attraction in Provence are the antic theatre in Orange, amphitheatre in Arles or aquaduct Pont du Gard.

If you want to take a hike in to the wild, there are many diffirent options. The mountain Mt. Ventoux as the last mountain before the Mediterranean sea provides extraordinary view onto Provence region. Very unique experience is to visit national park Camargue, that covers the delta of the river Rhone. These lands are home for immense species of birds such as flamingo. It is well known for their "half-wild" herds of horses and buffalos. The national park Grand canyon du Verdon offers spectacular views into the depths of these canyons. Here you can find one of the Europe´s biggest bird the Cinereous vulture.

Even sport opportunities are practicaly endless. All kind of water sports you can imagine, skying, mountainbike, paraglide, climbing and many others.

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