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Proffesional fishing guide in France

Welcome to the website Provence fishing

that deals with fishing and fishing guide services in south of France in a region called Provence.

A real fishing paradise for every angler. River Rhone is like a spine of this region. This river is surrounded by countless numbers of ponds and lakes. This river is home to many fish monsters. Numbers of wels catfish weighting over 100 kg, carps around 30 kg and zander (walleye) over 10 kg have been cought in this river every year. You can find here many other species like : pike, eel, barbel, mullet, amur, blackbass, perch and in some of Rhones affluents that run down from the Alpes mountains you can fish brown trout or grayling. These small rivers and creeks are very difficult to aproach because of deep cannyons and wild nature, thats why it hides some old trophy fish.

Remarkable experiences

How many times in your life have you experienced a fight with a fish heavier and longer than yourself? In Provence, there is a very good chance that you will experince it several times.

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Trophy fish

Whether you come for catfish, carp or zander, almost every voyage catches a big fish. It's just about patience.

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Beautiful nature

The landscape of south-eastern France is rich in water from the Alp mountains and is also influenced by the Mediterranean climate.

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